We started our company on July 1st, 2002. This decision was triggered off by the wish to return to the “more interesting things” in optics. Our work focuses on the design of lenses for applications in the fields of imaging, observation and illumination. Our approach is to bring together the personal experience that we have gained during many years of work in different companies in the field of optics. On the basis of this experience we feel well prepared not only for standard problems but also for tasks that make it necessary to leave the beaten track and find novel solutions.

Our service is the layout, design and realization of optical systems. The development is done in close cooperation with the customer in order to achieve tailor-made solutions that are optimum with regard to technical results as well as cost. Through cooperation with experienced partners we are also in the position to offer mechanical design and production of the developed lenses. Since early 2008 we dispose of measuring equipment so we can do the quality control of manufactured lenses in house.

Lothar Kölsch


From 2008 additional shareholder-managing director Kölsch + Schröder optische Systeme GmbH
From 2002 to 2013 Partner of Kölsch + Schröder PartG für Optikentwicklung
focus on development of optics for all sensor formats – sport optics (binoculars, spectives, spotting scopes) – measuring and inspection systems (interferometer lenses, measuring lenses for the UV area) – microscope lenses.

From 1999 to 2002 vice-president R&D Leica Camera; responsible for the departments:
– optical design, mechanical design of photographic lenses
– electronics and electronic imaging
– sport optics, binoculars and spotting scopes
– camera development

From 1997 in addition head of camera development at Leica Camera

From 1992 in addition head of mechanical design of photographic lenses at Leica Camera; development of many products (lenses, binoculars, eye-pieces, illumination systems); project management; technical assistance to the shop; strategic planning of product programs for photography and binoculars

In 1990 change to Leica Camera; set up of lens design department;
training of lens designers; setup of aspheric metrology

From 1986 head of the lens design department for consumer optics at Wild Leitz Wetzlar; development of photographic lenses, mainly zoom lenses, and binoculars

From 1979 lens designer at Carl Zeiss Oberkochen; focus on fundamentals of zoom lenses and development of photographic lenses

Degree in geodesy from the University of Applied Sciences of Frankfurt in 1978


Dipl. Ing. Lothar Kölsch

Tel: +49-(0)-2737 – 2 18 55 00

Fax: +49-(0)-2737 – 2 18 55 01

E-Mail: lk@k-s-optics.de